Hand Painted Silk

Debra Dolsberry

I discovered silk painting while being the mommy helper for my daughter's Montessori class Mother's Day project and have been making dye run on silk ever since. In my teens I had learned to sew and over the years developed my own patterns. Silk painting let me create my own fabric patterns for a unique look when applied to my garment designs. Later in life, I learned about color and design by taking classes at my local junior college and tried my hand at drawing, sculpture, photography, textiles, metalwork, and pottery. I especially liked working in 3D but throughout continued to paint on silk at home. I was pleased to be one of the artists in residence at the Mendocino Art Center in 2018 and 2019 where I both taught silk painting and took classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, metal working and glass. Below is my artist exhibit at the Mendocino Art Center in spring of 2019 which includes watercolor, silk scarves and garments, silver and copper scarf clips and a few ceramic pieces. After many years away, I now live in Aptos, California once again.

drape neck full size photo 2015 - 117

Here is my show in Mendocino in the spring of 2019.

Now semi-retired, I pursue silk painting as my late-in-life career. My silk motifs are largely drawn from nature and I often use tropical themes such as hibiscus, plumeria, banana leaf and monstera in in my work. My favorite subject is still the ginkgo leaf - it has such a pleasant shape and lends itself to any color palette I choose. When I work on silk I like to use a relatively large motif then use a variety of silk painting techniques to create a texture within the shapes. To the right is my Mother-of-the-Bride dress with Daughter-of-the-Bride dress - two variations on my ginkgo theme.

I now also do plein air silk paintings, mostly at the beach! If I don't care for the result, I combine pieces into clothing.

Contact Debra via Debra.Silks@gmail.com

Monstera Dec 2014 - 12

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