I get many of my silk scarves at Dharmatrading and some of my other silk supplies, such as dyes, gutta bottles, spray bottles and silk garments for painting. They produce a wonderful catalog full of information for the textile craft industry. Their website also has a lot of How To information.


Thai Silks (Retail) or Exotic Silks (Wholesale)

I get many of my silk scarves and most of my yardage from Exotic Silks in Mountainview CA. If you only need a little silk, use Thai Silk. If you buy in big quantities ($300 to start, $100 minimum after that) you can use Exotic Silks. They are two arms of the same company


Susan Louise Moyer

I get my brushes and frames from Susan and have taken a number of classes from her. Check her site for workshops. I think her book on Silk Painting is the best out there. Susan also sells a wonderful silk stretcher which she and her husband have developed over the years. She has a terrific resources links page at


Silk Painters International

This website is used by a lot of well known silk artists to promote their work. You can see wonderful examples of silk paintings here. They also have a section called Silk Wiki which has a lot of How To information. You can become a member of Silk Painters International and get their SILKWORM publication.

Silk Painters International

Fashion in Harmony

This website has terrific information on making bias cut garments and their book, Bias Cut Blueprints is a must-have for any seamstress doing a lot of silk work. Fashion in Harmony also present workshops around the country.

(888) 818-5190

Fashion in Harmony

Carter Smith's Shibori site

Carter sells a wonderful DVD's & printed step-by-step instructions are available to purchase for $60.00. email CARTER@SHIBORI.COM