2021 Open Studios

These are the items I showed in the 2021 Santa Cruz Open Studios show. Most garments have been sold but some framed work is still available for sale.

Framed Silk behind glass - size is with frame included

5 x 7 and Little Exercises $25 - $50

Larger pieces under glass $75-$225

Silk Wrapped around canvas frames $75 - $110

Silk mounted on top wooden bar, free hanging from there - I call them banners

Tulip Tree Banners: 30x 42 $150. Satin. 33 x 42 Matte Silk $150 (shown over queen bed for scale)

Small banners approx 18 x 16 Seascapes with rocks $50

Small banner approx 18 x 16 Hummingbird and trumpet flower $50

Silk on spring loaded curtain rod

Hummingbird with 3 poppies banner 29 x 40 $200

Silk Scarves

14 x 72 $50 each

Silk Garments

Silk blouses $175. Ginkgo size S-M SOLD, Abstract size XL-XXL, Musical Notes size S-M

Silk Flowing Jackets Red and black Ginkgo S-M Lotus flower size L-XL. $175

Fitted Jacket made from plein air pieces size 6-8 $400

Pieces below are SOLD